What is a GPRN?

If you’ve ever received a gas bill or considered switching suppliers, you might have stumbled upon the term “GPRN.” But fear not, understanding what a GPRN is and why it matters is simpler than it sounds.

What’s a GPRN, anyway?

Let’s break it down. GPRN stands for Gas Point Reference Number. Think of it as a digital ID card for your home’s connection to the national gas network. It is a unique identifier assigned to each residential or commercial property connected to the national gas network. When you provide your GPRN to a gas supplier, it enables them to accurately identify and manage your gas supply.

On the electricity side, we have MRPN. Your MRPN is your electricity meter’s unique identifier.

Why Knowing Your GPRN Matters?

Alright, so why should you care about this seemingly random string of numbers? Well, for starters, knowing your GPRN is crucial if you ever decide to switch gas suppliers. It’s like handing over the address of your gas connection to the new supplier, ensuring they know where to send your gas.

How Do You Find Your GPRN?

Finding your GPRN is easier than you think. Just grab your latest gas bill and look in the top right-hand corner. You’ll likely see a section labeled “GPRN” followed by a seven-digit number. Bingo! That’s your GPRN right there.

But what if you’re new to the place and don’t have a bill yet? No worries! You can ask your landlord or the previous occupier for an old bill containing the GPRN. Or, if all else fails, just give Gas Networks Ireland a ring at 1800 464 464, and they’ll sort you out with your GPRN in no time.

Ready to Switch and Save?

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Armed with your trusty GPRN, you’re now equipped to explore your options and potentially switch gas suppliers. Imagine saving over €400 annually on your energy bills—sounds like a sweet deal, right? Well, with your GPRN in hand, it’s entirely within reach.

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