How to Find MPRN

What is an MPRN?

Have you ever tried to set up your electricity bill to be paid by direct debit but were stumped when asked for your Meter Point Reference Number? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know their MPRN or even what it refers to. But it’s an important bit of information you should have on hand.

What Is a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)?

A Meter Point Reference Number or MPRN is the unique reference number assigned to your electricity meter and supply point. Each electricity meter in Ireland has its own individual MPRN to identify it.

Why Do I Need to Know my MPRN?

Knowing your Meter Point Reference Number or MPRN is important for managing your electricity account and bills. Your MPRN identifies the physical meter that measures how much electricity you use. It’s a unique reference number assigned to your property by your energy supplier.

Without your MPRN, you won’t be able to do things like:

Switch energy suppliers. Your MPRN links your meter and account to your current supplier. To switch to a new supplier, you’ll need to provide them your MPRN so they can access your meter and billing details.

Check your meter readings. Your MPRN is used to lookup information about your meter like its location, make, model, and readings. This allows you to provide meter readings to your supplier or check readings yourself.

Resolve account or billing issues. If there are any problems with your account or bills, your energy supplier will need your MPRN to identify your specific account and meter. This ensures any corrections are made properly.

Move into a new home. When moving to a new address, you’ll need to provide the MPRN to your chosen energy supplier so they can link the meter and account to your name. The previous occupants or landlords should provide you the MPRN when you move in.

Compare energy prices accurately. To get an accurate comparison of different suppliers’ prices for your home, you’ll need to enter your MPRN. This allows the price comparison to base estimates on your actual meter usage and billing details.

Without your MPRN, even simple tasks can become complicated. So if you don’t know your MPRN or need to find it again, contact your current energy supplier. They can look up your MPRN by providing details like your account number, name, and address. Write it down and keep it on hand—it’s an important reference number to have for managing your electricity account.

How do I find my MPRN?

Your electricity bill contains a lot of information, but the most important number is your Meter Point Reference Number or MPRN. This unique code identifies your specific electricity supply and meter. You’ll need to provide your MPRN if you ever want to switch electricity suppliers to get a better deal or change other account details.

So how do you find your MPRN? It’s actually pretty easy.

Check Your Latest Electricity Bill

The easiest place to locate your MPRN is on your most recent electricity bill. It will be listed prominently, usually at the very top of the first page. It may be labeled as “MPRN,” “Meter Point Reference Number,” or “Electricity Meter Number.” It will contain 10 or 11 digits, like 1234567890 or 12345678901.

Contact Your Current Supplier

If all else fails, you’ll need to contact your existing electricity supplier directly to obtain your MPRN. Call their customer service line and provide details like your name, address, and account number. They should be able to look up your MPRN in their records and provide it to you over the phone or in writing. Make sure to write the number down and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Knowing your MPRN puts the power in your hands as an energy consumer. Keep it on hand so you have the freedom to shop for the best electricity deals whenever you want. And if you ever plan to move, be sure to provide your MPRN to your new supplier to properly set up an account in your name.

Using Your MPRN to Switch Electricity Suppliers

To switch electricity suppliers in Ireland and get access to cheaper rates, you’ll need to provide your Meter Point Reference Number or MPRN. This is the unique reference number assigned to your electricity meter and connection.

Once you have your MPRN, you’ll be ready to start comparing electricity suppliers and switch to a cheaper provider. Most suppliers allow you to enter your MPRN on their website to get an instant estimate of how much you can save by switching. Entering the correct MPRN ensures you get an accurate estimate based on your actual usage and meter type.

Using your MPRN is the key to unlocking cheaper electricity rates. With some suppliers, you may be able to save over 200 euro per year on your bill just by switching. Keep your MPRN on hand and shop around at least once a year to find the best available deal for your home and budget. A few minutes of research can really pay off.


So there you have it, a few simple ways to track down your elusive MPRN. Whether online, over the phone, or directly on your meter, the tools are there to empower you as an energy consumer. Staying on top of the details for your home’s electricity supply means you have insight into how much power you’re using and what it’s costing you.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to find your MPRN, use it to make sure your bills are accurate, keep tabs on your energy usage, and take control of this important aspect of running your household. The power is in your hands – literally and figuratively!

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