Switching Utilities is an easy win. A penny saved is a penny earned.

There are few rewards for loyalty in the Utilities Industry. The attractive rates and upfront cash credit rewards are mostly for new customers looking to switch supplier.

The standard contract length for residential electricity and gas from any supplier is 12 months, most companies will not let you know that you have left your discounted period and automatically revert you to standard out of contract rates, which can be very costly and means any discounts you did get, you have since paid back to the supplier by not acting.

Turn on your TV and you will often see energy savings discussed on the morning shows and a look at the cost of staying stuck with the same provider year after year verses reducing your yearly bills. For some people switching feels like a hassle and even overwhelming because it can be hard to know where to start or what to do. That’s why I set up Dolphin Utilities.

There is a movement towards sustainable green energy and certain providers having jumped on that train. You can usually opt for a cash sign up bonus for going direct debit/Ebill.

If your more concerned with overall discount a low unit rate or percentage discount might suit you better depending on your usage.

We can quickly analyse your previous bill and with a few questions find out the best supplier that might suit you for better savings!

You can save time by filling out a very short from, scheduling a call or calling us directly on 01 582 6666 and let us take care of it for you at Dolphin Utilities!!

You could save up to €800 a year if you are duel fuel customer (electricity and gas)!

The sign up process literally takes a few minutes, and we do not charge you any fee while we take care of everything for you..