How Dolphin Utilities Helped Damien Brouder Save Over €1,500 on Electricity Bills: A Super Switcher Story

Welcome to another success story with Dolphin Utilities!

Today, we’re thrilled to share how Damien Brouder, a fire alarm engineer from Newcastle West, slashed his electricity bills by over €1,500 with the help of Dave Goggins and Dolphin Utilities.

Featured in the Irish Independent, Damien’s journey showcases the incredible savings and hassle-free experience he gained by switching to Dolphin Utilities.

The Switch to Savings

In 2020, Damien made a significant investment in an air-to-water heat pump, running on electricity but quickly becoming a drain on his wallet. As the electricity bills skyrocketed, Damien decided to seek help and discovered Dolphin Utilities and their free switching service through Dave Goggin.

Hassle-Free Switching Process

Describing his experience, Damien emphasizes the simplicity of the process. “It was all very easy,” he says. Dave Goggin, the man behind Dolphin Utilities, only required a photograph of Damien’s electricity bill and a few details. Within no time, Dave presented alternative options that proved to be far more cost-effective than Damien’s existing plan.

Substantial Savings

The impact of the switch was substantial. Damien now enjoys a contract rate of 34 cents per kilowatt-hour, resulting in a €300 saving from the switch to an air-to-water heat pump and an impressive €1200 from changing his electricity provider. These numbers highlight the significant savings that can be achieved by making informed decisions about utility providers.

Sharing the Knowledge

Thrilled with the results, Damien has become a passionate advocate for Dolphin Utilities. He often shares his story with friends and acquaintances, noticing that many are unknowingly overpaying on their bills. His advocacy extends to addressing common misconceptions about the time-consuming nature of switching services, emphasizing that the process took him only about an hour.

Energy Efficiency Tips from Damien

Beyond the switch, Damien offers valuable insights into managing electricity costs effectively:

1. Stay Informed About Contract Expiry Dates

Damien points out the importance of being aware of contract expiration dates. Energy companies may raise prices immediately after contracts end. Being proactive can prevent unnecessary cost hikes.

2. Identify Energy-Intensive Appliances

Having worked in the electrical industry for 25 years, Damien highlights the significance of understanding which appliances consume the most electricity. Kettles and cookers are among the culprits, and he recommends being mindful of their usage.

3. Optimize Lighting with LED Bulbs

Dispelling a common myth, Damien notes that LED lights cost next to nothing to run. Rather than worrying about turning off lights, he suggests focusing on optimizing the use of appliances like kettles and cookers.

4. Take Advantage of Off-Peak Hours

Damien shares his strategy of performing energy-intensive tasks, like washing and drying, during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower rates.

5. Invest in Home Insulation

Lastly, Damien recommends exploring SEAI grants for insulation works, as it significantly contributes to keeping electricity costs down.

Damien Brouder’s success story with Dolphin Utilities highlights the tangible benefits of a free switching service. Beyond the financial gains, his journey provides valuable insights into energy efficiency and cost-saving strategies that anyone can implement.

Ready to Save?

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