No, you do not need to do anything, we will handle the entire switch for you and contact your existing gas or electricity supplier and complete the switch for you. Once we have your current meter readings that triggers a final bill from your current supplier and then you will move onto a discount with your new supplier via Dolphin Utilities.

In most cases we can offer discount off the standard unit rate and/or a cash credit with your new supplier.

This is a personal choice, a cash credit will often mean a bill break as the credit will sometimes cover a month or two months bill. This may also suit someone who has low usage. A higher discounted only unit rate would suit a high usage consumer as they will continue to save over the 12-month period of the contract.

To switch your Electricity - you will need your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number)

To switch your Gas - you will need your GPRN (Gas Point Reference Number)

(Your MPRN and GPRN numbers can be found on any previous bill)

For direct debit payment you will need to provide your IBAN (bank account details)

A recent meter reading and some basic personal details such as: Name, D.O. B, Mobile number, Address, Eircode and email address (for paperless E-Billing).

You have a 14-day cooling-off period where you can cancel anytime by contacting your supplier and advising you no longer want to proceed with the switch and no exit fee will apply.

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No, Dolphin Utilities is a completely free service. Sometimes we collect a small commission from some of our suppliers. We do not charge you anything for switching any of your utilities year after year.

Not long, you will receive your final bill a few weeks after you have switched over from your previous supplier. You will get a confirmation email within a few days of starting the switch process and then your account number will be generated and sent to you.

It only takes a few minutes, we do everything for you. Just fill out this form to request a call back

Or call us on 01 582 6666

No, thousands of people switch every day between suppliers you will not be disconnected for switching.

Your current supplier may not allow you to switch if you have a lot of arrears. If you do switch, you will need to pay any outstanding monies when your final bill is issued by your current supplier.

You are encouraged to change supplier every 12 months to avail of new customer discounts and offers.

There are generally larger discounts and offers available for customers who avail of a 'duel fuel' discount by switching electricity and gas at the same time with one supplier.

Direct debit is usually the cheapest, although there are other payment options.

Yes, if you refer anyone to Dolphin Utilities, and they sign up for any service such as a new energy supplier or switch their landline or broadband we will pay you €10 into your Revolt, n26 or any IBAN you want to us. Alternatively we can send you a digital Amazon voucher for €10 each time. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send to Dolphin Utilities.

Yes, We will pay you a commission per person you refer who signs up via the site. We also offer a tailored commission structure based on volume. To register an affiliate click here

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