Thinking of tips and ways to be more energy efficient at home?

The obvious “turn off the lights” strategy comes to mind first!
There are actually a few strategic ways to save energy loss from your home.

A good starting point is to look at your building’s BER which stands for “Building Energy Rating”
(This actually applies to residential and commercial premises)

Most homes fall within the C category and even a few simple changes can increase the grade of most houses and in turn the heating bill and CO2 expenditure.

BER assessors will look at specific things –

Here are just a few:

  • Amount of insulation in your home (attic & Wall)
  • Gas boiler performance
  • Electricity equipment
  • Water heating
  • Housing material
  • Windows & Doors (Sealed)
  • House fabric & quality

    *If you look at the energy requirements for each BER level you can start to make improvements to your house and the amount of energy loss*

Good Energy Practices

Also try these tips at home:

  • Regular service & maintenance of heating and cooling systems
  • Use cooler washing machine cycles
  • Consider using the clothes dryer on lower heat or hang clothes to dry outside
  • Upgrade your fridge, freezer, washing machine / dryer, hair dryer, kettle and other electric appliances
  • Check for heat loss at doors and windows seal points
  • Consider a smart home temperature control device
  • Use more energy efficient light bulbs (and turn them off)

    You could also consider applying for an SEIA grant to make your home warmer and more energy efficient here

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